Finding Exceptional Tobacco Collectibles

When it comes to the world of collectibles, there’s no question that each person has his or her own tastes and the variety of objects available is nothing short of amazing. When talking about tobacco based collectibles, there are so many different directions that a collector can go in that field.

– Vintage cigar boxes
– Vintage cigarette advertising
– Old packaging
– Custom pipes
– Old-fashioned cigarette holders
– Lighters and match holders
– Cigarettes
– Collectible memorabilia and more!

Smoking has been a part of culture for centuries, although it seems that merchandise surrounding the practice blew up in the first half of the 20th century. Some collectors might enjoy antique collectibles from the tobacco fields, going back to the source, while others might have a special preference for something specific that falls under this general tree of items.

Cigar fans, for example, are far more likely to be interested in old cigar boxes and the art that goes with them. They may also have a particular company, country, or brand that they like. These could be clues as to which tobacco collectibles most suit them and their collection. There’s no doubt the modern allure of Cuba also probably plays into that on some level. Classic humidors also remain extremely popular with this particular group of smokers and collectors.

Collectible Fine Cut Horse Snuff Tobacco Tin

Pipes are collectibles that seem to be loved by smokers and collectors of all types. Ranging in style, design, size, and wood, you can go from the simple corn cob pipe to elegant pieces made from mahogany and cherry, carved out to display an incredible array of styles, looks, and leading to a nearly endless number of options to add to a collection.

Vintage advertising for brands of cigarettes is also really interesting and popular, especially those that come from the “Mad Men” era of advertising. The vintage ads have a lot to like about them, they come from the golden age of advertising, and because of modern restrictions you’ll never see ads like those again, just adding to their collect-ability.

When it comes to classic cigarettes, there’s seemingly no limit on what can be collected. You have ashtrays of all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials as well as things like decorative cigarette tins, antique lighters, match holders, and a wide variety of other collectibles that remind collectors of a different time and era.

Although a bit different compared to what most collectors like, there’s also the added bonus that comes from being able to actually break out a smoking hat or a smoking jacket to go along with a classic pipe. That might not be the way that we smoke now, but you have to appreciate an old school appreciation for class.


Let’s not forget the wide world of cigar torches and lighters, as well. There are individuals who simply collect Zippos, much less all the other lighters out there. From fairly basic to opulent pieces with pearl or gold inlay, there’s plenty of choose from when getting into this section in the world of tobacco based collectibles!

There are even collectors for old tobacco collectibles. Let’s not for get that collecting might be one of the oldest habits of man, and even in the 1930s and on, sometimes a cigarette company would offer actual cartoon characters and collectible figurines for so many proofs of purchase or other similar mail-in deals. These figurines can be quite rare in some cases and in very high demand.

The biggest thing to think about if you are just starting out with collecting tobacco related collectibles and antiques is to know what you like. If you’re a cigar smoker, you’re most likely going to be interested in cigar related collectibles. If you appreciate decent advertising, that’s the area you’ll want to start in. People who have worked around lumber almost certainly fall in love with collecting antique wooden pipes and humidors.

There is a wide world of collectible items open to you and they can meet your specific tastes, adding to the enjoyment. Even if you smoke rarely or less often, as a collector it’s amazing how many examples of fine collectible pieces and art come from this one field of interest.

Make sure to dive into the area you’ll love and/or appreciate most!

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